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All guests, tenants, volunteers, or workers are required to read and follow the rules and regulations. Hours are posted at the office.

GUESTS/TENANTS: Must register upon arrival. Rent is due and payable in advance. All guests/tenants must be approved by management.

RECREATIONAL VEHICLES: Must be self contained an have its own bathroom and shower. RV sites are limited to 2 persons. Cottage rentals are limited to 2 persons per bedroom.

VISITORS: Visitors staying overnight must sign in at the office. Charge is $5 per person per day

CHECK OUT TIME: 11:00 AM and CHECK IN time 12:00 pm QUIET TIME 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM


1. APPLIANCES: No refrigerators or electrical appliances are allowed outside the unit.

2. ANTENNAS: Cable television service is available to residents at an additional charge. No antennas. Satellite dishes must be no larger than 18" and must be located at the rear corner of RV site. Park mgmt reserves the right to remove antennas. Basic cable inc. in cottages.

3. CHILDREN: must be under direct supervision and accompanied by adults at all times. No skate boards or playing the streets. No playing on the sea wall or docks/fishing piers. Parents and guardians are fully responsible for the safety and behavior of their children.

4. DANGEROUS INSTRUMENTS: The use of guns of any kind, including but not limited to BB guns and air guns, sling shots, bows and arrows and other dangerous instruments are not permitted in the park. FIREWORKS ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

5. DOCKS AND BOAT RAMPS: Management retains the right to close the dock area at its discretion. During periods of construction and repair, all use of the docks will be prohibited. Due to limited space, dockage of boats or other water vehicles will require permission of the management in advance. Long term boat dockage and/or storage will require a separate agreement from management. Boats and boat trailers (of reasonable size) are to be kept on the individuals resident's property. Management reserves the right at its sole discretion to charge for the boat ramp, dockage and or storage of boats.

6. INSURANCE: Each resident is responsible for their own content and liability insurance of their site or unit.

7. LANDSCAPING: Management reserves the right to remove all plants whether potted or planted if the plants are dead or diseased.

8. LAUNDRY FACILITY: Are for the use of Pelican's Landing residents and guests only. Laundry lines are prohibited on the grounds. No one is permitted to hang lingerie, towels, rugs, rags or any wearing apparel outside.

9. NOISE: Radios, televisions, record players, musical instruments, or the like shall be played not to disturb other residents and guests of the park. Yelling, screaming and use of profanity if audible outside are not permitted in the park.

10. PATIO: Only furniture specifically designed for outside is allowed on the unit's patio or screened porches. All outdoor patio furniture must be white in keeping with the park rules and regulations unless prior arrangements have been made with park management.

11. PETS: Pets must be accompanied by the owners at all times and ON A LEASE WHEN OUTSIDE. Leashes must be no longer than 6 ft.Pets are not allowed on the docks or fishing piers. When walking your dog please pick up your dog's waste. The park limit is 2 pets on the RV Sites and 1 pet per cottage. Dobermans, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Chows, and Akitas are not allowed in the park. Dogs may not be left outside unattended.

12. REFUSE: All trash, garbage and refuse must be placed in plastic trash bags and tied securely. Tenant/guests are to deposit all their trash in the dumpster located on the property. No outdoor trash containers on site allowed.

13. RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR: Is expected. The management reserves the right to refuse entry to our dismiss any person and their property from the park. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed into eh public areas of the park. Public drunkenness or improper conduct is not permitted. Please respect others. Do not walk through occupied sites.

14. RIGHTS: Park management shall have the right of access to the resident's unit to prevent imminent danger to the occupant, the mobile home RV, and/or park owned rental homes. Park management shall have the right of entry onto the lot for purposed of repair and replacement of utilities, reading of meters, protection of the mobile home park, and, at all reasonable times for maintenance of the lot and or park owned units.

15. SMOKING: Smoking is not permitted on the office or park owned cottages.

16. SOLICITING: Commercial or otherwise is not allowed.

17. STORAGE: Toys and tools must be stored when not in use. Any storage underneath RV must be in weather proof containers. Patios may not be used for storage and storage on lots is prohibited.

18. SUBLEASING: Not allowed on any sites or cottages/mobile homes. Changing sites is not allowed without prior management approval. Guests/tenants can not use Pelican's Landing of Sebastian to sell their recreational vehicle; car or personal property and/or operate business on the property. For sale signs are not allowed on the property.

19. VEHICLES: The park allows passenger cars, vans and pickup type trucks (3/4 ton limit). Motor vehicles must be operable with correct license plates. Guest/tenants are limited to two vehicles in park. Vehicles may only park in designated areas or assigned spaces. No over hauling or repairing of cars, boats or motor homes RV are allowed in park. Vehicles in violation will be towed away at owner's expense. Guest/tenants are not allowed to operate bicycles and golf cars at night.

20. WATER: Washing of vehicles and boats allowed in designated area or RV sites. Charge is $15 per wash. Bucket washing is required. Hose with shut off required for rinsing. Each guest or tenant are responsible for watering their plants on site on the days designated by management. Lawn watering requires management's approval.


This is private property. Management reserves the right to deny service to anyone. Violations of park rules and regulations and violations of any county or state laws or legal ordinances will be grounds for eviction. Guests/tenants in violation will be asked to leave the park. Please help keep the park safe and beautiful.


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